[SLIGHTLY OFFTOPIC]: Record cluster with > 512 Linux boxes

Rolf O. =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Bl=E4ttner (rolf.blaettner@nuernberg.netsurf.de)
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 09:12:25 +0100

Hi, all,

during a 1/2 night transmission of a big comuter happpening
at the Heinz Nixdorf Computer Museum in Paderborn, Germany,
brought into air by German TV station WDR and some other
stations as well aired by radio on LF, folks achieved
successfully buildup and running a cluster of more than
512 (!!) Linux machines.

The cluster was build of a various types of machines,
including Alphas, Xeons, and "conventinals" ..

As "workload" they rendered 2 MPG3 movies, executed
GFLOPS benchmarks, solved 80th-degree polynoms and
run various other programs.

For more information see


(sorry, that's in German, but for those of You
speaking a little German, it'll be amazing).

bye *falling back into lurking mode* :-)


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