Sun, 6 Dec 1998 19:43:47 +1100

> Hello,
> > > 1. I can't find a way to increase the refresh rate of the screen
> > > above 60. I'd like it at 85 preferably and the vf/vh options
> ^^^^^ fv, fh!
> stands for frequency vertical and frequency horizontal

Damn. I screwed that up. Fixed and working. How do I figure out
what are the values it's using so that I can translate them into
something X uses. Main reason for this is that I get a slightly
higher refresh rate with fbcon... :)

> > > don't seem to do it. Not being able to do this really screws
> > > with my eyes.
> video=matrox:fv:85 should work (fh:90,fv:160 works here for me).

That it does.

> > > 2. When using zgv to view a picture (not that it gets the size
> > > right...) in svgalib's VESA mode there is trash at the top of
> > > the screen when I exit.
> sorry... I do not have zgv here. But my svgalib does not support matrox
> so...

1.3.1 has VESA support. Still doesn't get resolutions right. :/

> > > 3. When swapping between consoles (alt+f<num>) i occasionally
> [snip]
> > (or something similar. the full screen thing I can guarantee 99%
> > but occasionally it happens in other circumstances) the messed up
> > screen is restored to its proper position.
> Yes, this is known problem. If you can wait while patch gets from vger
> to Linus, wait. If you cannot wait, there is new matroxfb.c
> at ftp://platan.vc.cvut.cz/pub/linux/matrox-latest/matroxfb.c.gz.
> Ungzip and move into linux/drivers/video/matroxfb.c. If you are using

Thanks. Used that and it works. Currently using the one that's
with 131 which is slightly different, One minor hassle I've found
is that I sometimes get a flash of some text when swapping from
one console to the next. It doesn't always happen (just tried to
duplicate it and failed) but it does usually happen straight after
boot up when i switch from console 1 to 11. The text appears to be
a copy of the console switched from and it appears at the bottom
of the screen briefly.

Also, with X, when swapping from X to console the X image gets
streatched a HELL of a lot and the colours fubared just before
the console screen comes up.

God I wish that was clearer. :)

> > 4. If I turn the monitor off and then back on I do not get a
> [snip]
> > any OSD boxes (it's a CTX 1972UA 17"), including the status one
> > where resolution and refresh rates are displayed. This is NOT
> > reproducable (ie doesn't happen) on console without fb or X.
> Sorry, but I do not understand it... There is NO interaction between
> monitor and driver, so I do not even know, how to do this... It works
> with my EIZO F764 here. It also works with my fixed 640x480 monitor...

This doesn't happen at the 85Hz setting. Just the default 60.

> Could you try modify (enlarge) -hslen and -vslen through fbset?

Don't seem to have fbset. :/ Couldn't find it on freshmeat either...

> > > Other then the above it's great and being able to have a screen
> > > that's 160x64 is somewhat nice. :)
> > > Also, is there any point to opening up the console at 32bpp and
> > > would it be possible to assign different rgb codes to the 16 (32
> > > if you count the bright ones) colours?
> For low 16 colors, you can set them by ESC sequence
> ESC ']' 'P' X RR GG BB
> where X is hexadecimal digit from 0 to F and RR, GG and BB are
> values for specified color register 0-F. For example
> ESC ]P0FF0000 sets background to light red.

THAT just totally rocks :) Woo. Green bg. :)

> Other colors (16-255 for pseudocolor) can be set through FBIOPUT_CMAP
> ioctl - but I do not know userspace application which does it.

Is it possible though? I know a bit of C so I might bother but I'd need
pointers as I've never done anything like this.

> Truecolor modes currently do not support gamma correction (there is no
> std. API). (on Mystique, G100, G200 it is turned on by design, but programmed
> into 1:1 mode, on Millennium (I/II) it is turned off)

Yup. Noticed that. The Windows drivers set it when loaded. They're not
saved anywhere.

> > Oh. Just remembered. I use the following to configure the video
> > db driver: video=matrox:vesa:0x107
> so video=matrox:vesa:0x107,fv:85 should do the trick for you.

That it does. :)

> P.S.: Please, really CC me. Last digest take 7 hours to get from
> vger to next hop (as shown in headers: morlor.karlin.mff.cuni.cz), so
> it is not good for interactive performance. (DaveM, do not worry,
> I can live with it)

I did the 2nd time around. :) Sorry for the lateness of the reply
though. :/


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