/proc/nonexistent_pid bug again

Koblinger Egmont (egmont@math.bme.hu)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 13:37:30 +0100 (MET)

Hi folks!

Some weeks ago I reported a bug that sometimes an entry for a
process remains in the proc filesystem though the process has exited.

In a slightly different way this bug still exists in 2.1.131. This is not
only a bug, it is also a small security hole.

Suppose I run a process with pid=1000. In another process I change cwd to
/proc/1000 or /proc/1000/fd. After process 1000 exits, any other
process (even with other UID) still can access the /proc/1000 dir. As long
as there are any processes with cwd==/proc/1000, this directory does not

If one of my processes has its cwd in /proc/1000/fd when process 1000
exits, and I wait for about 32000 forks, then another user will start a
process which gets pid=1000. Now I can list the contents of my cwd
/proc/1000/fd and find how many file descriptors the other user's process
has. Normally I cannot do this.

Egmont Koblinger

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