Cooking 2.1.131, even beter receipe

Pavel Machek (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 19:06:08 +0100


It seems like I've got even better receipe for cooking machine. Just
pass mem=8M on commandline. When I did this on my notebook, it did not
even boot properly (few gettys got killed for respawning too
fast). Syslogd reported

Dec 5 19:00:19 bug sshd[68]: log: RSA key generation complete.
Dec 5 19:00:21 bug init: cannot execute "/bin/sh"
^[`Dec 5 19:02:16

. When I tried to launch mutt&emacs to mail you this news, I got to
start it 10 times before it booted (getting sig 7 all the
time). Machine had 64Meg swap (into file) from the beggining. What is
strange: machine does NOT try to swap at all! (I hope I'm able to send
this mail successfully...)


I'm really 	   Pavel
Look at ;-).

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