Re: mediumraw keyboard mode?

Pavel Machek (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 14:02:06 +0100


> The normal level of reading keystrokes is read(0,&c,1), but this does not
> let us see the F-keys, arrow keys, editing keys, etc, nor distinguish the
> numeric keypad digits from the top-rank digits. (Well, it lets us "see"
> these keys, but only through the keymap, in which a single key press might
> emit in a string of several characters.) The point is, the application
> has no way of knowing the user pressed (say) the F7 key, Alt-x, Shift-Insert,
> Ctrl-Page-Up, etc.

Oh yes, you get ^[[18~ for F7 and you get ^[x for Alt-x. And you
generaly do not want to know about other combinations ;-). Biggest
problem is that you want telnet and xterm working.


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