BTTV and AVerMedia (more info)

German Jose Gomez Garcia (
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 14:32:05 +0100 (MET)

Well, I would like to know what bttv version is more recent,
the one included in the kernel (at the time of writing 2.1.131-ac4)
or the one at the bttv home page (bttv 0.5.22).
The main problem is that when using the 0.5.22 my card (an AVerMedia
TVPhone98) works almost perfectly, I have some problems with the vidmem
option and my Matrox Millenium G200 (by the way in the 0.5.22 there is
an entry in the vidbase struct for a G200, while in the kernel version
there isn't such thing); but when using the kernel version I'm not able
to make it works, I have tried both xawtv and xtvscreen (the one included
with bttv 0.5.22).
Other problem is that when using 0.5.22 the teletext decoder (I compiled
the saa5249.o module from the kernel and insmod it) works only with
certain pages (3-10 depending on the channel), but when using the kernel
included bttv it doesn't work at all (maybe due to bogus bttv.o ). Another
important thing is radio support, should it work on AVerMedia TVPhone98?,
if so I must admit I wasn't able to configure it correctly, although
the device is there when I change the freq nothing happens.

my /etc/modules.conf have the following entries for BTTV:

alias char-major-81 bttv
pre-install bttv modprobe -k msp3400; modprobe -k tuner
options tuner type=5
options bttv radio=1 vidmem=0xf20 card=6

Other question is, is anybody working on AVerMedia remote control
support?, I would like to ask AVerMedia for info on it, and I know many
people (here in Spain) that are expecting a good support for that card
under Linux (there has been a "videocard boom" here, and almost everybody
got an AVerMedia because Miro PCTV was very difficult to get).

PS: If you have any questions about my config ask me about it, I will
test everything you want (well, almost everything :-) to make my card works.

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