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Colin Plumb (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 09:47:29 -0700 (MST)

> Hello Rik, I'm Sorry but 'cal' isn't a document displaying
> a known starndards bodies authorship .
> Also being common knowledge isn't a publication of the standard.

> All I'm asking for is a known definition for the derivation of
> leap year . There has has to be one somewhere .

Yup. The standard was issued on 1582-02-24 by Pope Gregory XIII.
A dejanews search for "Inter Gravissimas" will turn it up very quickly.

The relevant quote, as posted in <> by
Dr. John Stockton (to

9. Deinde, ne in posterum a XII kalendas aprilis aequinoctium recedat,
statuimus bissextum quarto quoque anno (uti mos est) continuari debere,
praeterquam in centesimis annis; qui, quamvis bissextiles antea semper
fuerint, qualem etiam esse volumus annum MDC, post eum tamen qui
deinceps consequentur centesimi non omnes bissextiles sint, sed in
quadringentis quibusque annis primi quique tres centesimi sine bissexto
transigantur, quartus vero quisque centesimus bissextilis sit, ita ut
annus MDCC, MDCCC, MDCCCC bissextiles non sint. Anno vero MM, more
consueto dies bissextus intercaletur, februario dies XXIX continente,
idemque ordo intermittendi intercalandique bissextum diem in
quadringentis quibusque annis perpetuo conservetur.

And a bibliographic reference from <>
posted by David Stone to

author = "Pope Gregory XIII",
title = "Inter gravissimas",
institution = "The Apostolic See",
year = 1582,
type = "Papal Bull",
address = "The Vatican",
number = "Bullarium Gregorii XIII Lib. I Sec. Brev. 96, 304",
annote = "Note that this calendar was only
adopted in England in September 1752.
Note also that the bull itself was dated 24 February 1581,
an old-style date which is in 1582 new style."

Anyway, both articles have interesting information if you're really
serious about it. Of course, the Papal Bull was adopted in various
countries by specific bits of legislation. England, for example,
adopted it in 1752, leading to a funny-looking September as they had
to make up for the calendar skew that had accumulated in the meantime.


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