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Sun, 6 Dec 1998 11:45:48 -0600 (CST)


I am a subscriber to linux-kernel-digest and have been going through
the ones I have received in the past month looking for some info.

I have noticed that within some of the digests is an email that includes
a previously issued digest in it's entirety.

More specifically, V1 #2953 includes V1#2943, V1#2948 includes V1#2942, and
there is sure to be more.
This inclusion is making the digest include ~70kB of previously sent
information, so of the ~90kB sent of the digest, ~20kB is new material.

I used to get 2-4 digests a day, now am getting more (7-10 digests a day?)
and this unnecessary repeat of information could be why, considering the
digets are of fairly consistent size, 60-80kB.

I haven't found a digest that includes a digest that includes a digest, etc..
...yet, but it may happen and then the digest will be selfserving process
with even less new information included in it for the people using the
linux-kernel-digest emails.

Isn't there some way to filter out emails that include a previously sent
digest so they aren't included in a new digest?

This doesn't seem too difficult to recognize from the standpoint of viewing
the digests I am receiving. Each digest includes a header:

linux-kernel-digest Saturday, 5 December 1998 Volume 01 : Number 2945

and includes a line near the end signalling the end of the digest:

End of linux-kernel-digest V1 #2945

A simple list could be made of the number of lines within the 2 lines and any
email that has both header&footer and ~# of lines between could be considered
an email to not include in the new linux-kernel-digest. I hope this is doable
by whatever email processor is in use that strips header info out of these

Or we could spot the culprits that are including a whole linux kernel digest
in their email, which shouldn't be necessary, and review all emails from
that person for possible discard, or just discard all their emails till
they inquire as to what is happening to them.

For example this guy: (who has sent the digests I have seen)

>From: Foong Wai Ho <>
>Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 04:09:40 +0800
>Subject: Re:linux-kernel-digest V1 #2945
>I am on leave from 7/12/98 till 9/12/98. For urgent matters you may resend the
>mail to :
>Soo Heng (AUDTQSH) on Network Security related matters
>Jenny (AUDTJCG) on PC and LAN matters.
>Thank you.
>>>> "" 12/05/98 21:02 >>>
>linux-kernel-digest Saturday, 5 December 1998 Volume 01 : Number 2945
>In this issue:

(I leave out the 1.2945 digest for reasons explained above -wcd)

>End of linux-kernel-digest V1 #2945

maybe this guy has been doing this since he left in July 1998,
I don't know.

I apoligize for reminding administrators of this unnecessary
bandwidth usage problem if it has already been reported.


# Subject: Re: Y2k compliance
# Oww, I don't believe this!
# #define leapyear(year) (!(year % 4) && ((year % 100) || !(year % 400)))
# I hope this matter is settled now, once and for all
# (well, until we need to define a new calender due to
# the earth's rotational speed slowing down).
# cheers,
# Rik --

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