Problems with your vmscan.c change (Re: [PATCH] VM improvements for

Benjamin Redelings I (
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 14:29:09 -0800

Hi Rik,
I am somewhat concerned about this part of your patch:

if (buffer_over_borrow() || pgcache_over_borrow())
state = 0;
+ if (atomic_read(&nr_async_pages) > pager_daemon.swap_cluster /
+ shrink_mmap(i, gfp_mask);

I have tried this patch, and I didn't experience any problems with it.
But, as somebody (Andrea, I think) pointed out, do_try_to_free_page
should return as soon as it frees one page; your patch breaks that
behaviour, doesn't it? Somehow it seems like a hack that fixes the
symptom instead of the problem.
Isn't the real problem that the state in do_try_to_free_page (DTTFP) is
too simple? I think that must be true if DTTFP gets stuck swapping and
never tries shrink_mmap, because it does not know when to go back to
Does that sound correct?


Here is an idea for how to fix your patch to free only one page
minimum. (I haven't tried to compile it). It is a bit ugly...

static int do_try_to_free_page(int gfp_mask)
static int state = 0;
int i=6;

/* Always trim SLAB caches when memory gets low. */

if (buffer_over_borrow() || pgcache_over_borrow())
state = 0;

switch (state) {
do {
case 0:
if (shrink_mmap(i, gfp_mask))
return 1;
state = 1;
case 1:
if (shm_swap(i, gfp_mask))
return 1;
state = 2;
case 2:
if (swap_out(i, gfp_mask)) {
if (atomic_read(&nr_async_pages) >
pager_daemon.swap_cluster / 2)
state = 3
return 1;
state = 4;
case 3:
state = 2;
if (shrink_mmap(i, gfp_mask))
return 1;
case 4:
shrink_dcache_memory(i, gfp_mask);
state = 0;
} while (i >= 0);
return 0;

If E. Coli was a computer:
 "OPERON.DLL: Mutation in LACTOSE.DLL.  Entire system halted."

Benjamin Redelings I <><

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