Re: memory management

Rik van Riel (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 20:12:05 +0100 (CET)

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, M. TELGARSKY wrote:

> The main problem (as I see it and many have noted) is with swapping.
> Linux will overzealously swap (I have had 10% mem usage and 100%
> swap usage (and my swap is 100 meg, ram 64) occurr a few times.
> not only this, but the swapping will take top kernel priority, so
> everything will die for a few seconds as (usually too much) is
> swapped.

Let me guess, you are using plain 2.1.130?

> this really needs to get fixed....

It's been fixed for over a week now ;) Anything else you want
to be done?

Upgrade to 2.1.131 + my swapin_readahead patch. It fixes these
bugs (and sometimes swaps too little in my taste).


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