2.0.36 isofs patch for large files (> 100 file sections)

Ulrik Dickow (ukd@kampsax.dk)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 22:05:49 +0100

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[ Patch for 2.0.36 attached. 2.1.131ac4 could be changed similarly. ]

Both 2.0.36 and 2.1.131ac4 may have problems reading some cd-roms with very
large files (> ~68 MB) on them. With a customer-burnt Joliet level 3 cd-rom
on 2.0.36, I got an error message like

isofs_read_level3_size: More than 100 file sections ?!?, aborting...
isofs_read_level3_size: inode=54028 ino=61662

when doing `ls -l /mnt/cdrom', and the resulting listing showed a too small
size of the large file:

-r--r--r-- 1 root root 3249056 dec 1 11:34 kimenu1067.zip
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 68143104 dec 1 13:04 kimenu225.zip

The real size of the large file is 111601228 bytes as evidenced by a fixed
kernel (or reading it on Winblows NT 4.0SP3). Trying to _read_ the large
file with zipinfo(1) on 2.0.36 filled up the kernel message buffer with error
messages like above, hanging for a minute or two, and then an error message
from zipinfo(1) ("End-of-central-directory signature not found [...]").

So both listing and reading a large file is broken in the Linux kernels -- or
they aren't as flexible reading broken cd-roms as they should be, IMHO. I
don't know what program burnt that cd-rom; probably some broken NT app did.
Anyhow, it's quite easy to make the Linux kernel read this cd-rom flawlessly.

The "100" in the kernel error is hardcoded into the printk and the test, and
also appears in another function of the isofs code (isofs_bmap). All of them
should be replaced by a #define'd constant with a value larger than 100. In
the attached patch I introduce the constant MAX_FILE_SECTIONS with value 1000.
That should allow for a file about 10 times larger than the 68143104 bytes
(65.0 MB) listed above, i.e. 650 MB, exactly the size of a normal cheap
cd-rom. On second thought, it probably should be a bit larger, to allow for
newer, higher capacity cd-roms (and DVD's?), but I've only tested the 1000,
and only on this example cd-rom.

Further testing is encouraged, with larger files, and also on 2.1.x kernels...

To complete the test information, both the stock and patched kernel say this
about my test cd-rom:

ISO9660 Extensions: Microsoft Joliet Level 3
Max size:57832 Log zone size:2048
First datazone:33 Root inode number 67584

but only the patched kernel can list and read it correctly without errors.
The patch is gzip'ed and base64-encoded due to very long lines (>80 chars).

What do the ISO standards say on this? If they put a limit of 100 file
sections, then it might be reasonable to give a _warning_ about it. But if
we can handle more without severe problems, then we should do so.

Ulrik Dickow, Systems Programmer           Snail Mail: Kampsax Technology
Phone: +45 36 39 08 00                                 Stamholmen 112
Fax:   +45 36 77 03 01                                 DK-2650 Hvidovre
WWW:   http://www.kampsax.dk/technology/               Denmark

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