Re: Re: Are people still having fun with psaux and 2.1.12/3x ?

Spirilis (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 20:58:12 -0600 (CST)

I've noticed similar behavior with my PS/2 mouse under X:
Usually only happens when I switch to console and then go back to X; the
mouse pointer shoots up to the upper right corner, then after moving it
around for a bit, it comes back to normal. I've only been using X on this
486 since 2.1.125 or so, so I wouldn't really know what it was like
pre-2.1.125 days.
GPM is running like:
gpm -t ps/2 -m /dev/psaux -p -s 200 -a 5 -r 25

System specs:
486 DX/33
4.3GB Seagate Medalist HD
S3 805 chipset video card, XF86_S3 server
Window Maker 0.20.2
16bpp color depth, 800x600

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