Re: Internationalizing Linux
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 13:34:02 +0100

On Sat, Dec 05, 1998 at 06:12:22PM +0100, Jes Sorensen wrote:
>>>>>> "Jens" == jens <> writes:
>>> are in english anyway, C is using English. If you don't understand
>>> the basic English terms used by a computer, how can you adminitrate
>> Simple. Get an OS that gives you the messages in the language
>> you know best and understand best. I know of quite a couple
> Tough luck for them. What are they doing when NT gives a BSOD or has

I didn't see that happening just yet. (I saw a couple other things
happening, tho ... e.g. someone trying for weeks playing Unreal under NT and
fscking up the complete installation...)

> that been translated as well? What do these people do when
> programming, do they run a special version of C where all the keywords
> have been translated into another language?

like VBA? Pleease shut up, I've just finished translating an MS access 2.0
database (German) into MS Access 97 (International), I *know* what pain it
is/was, but, hey, I get paid for wasting time :-)

>>>> Once messages permeate back to this list, they can be converted
>>>> back to English just as the original message was converted
>>>> originally to the native language.
>>> Sorry but I am not going to waste my time trying to decode error
>> You don't have to. Please think about the above message number
> I've thought about that approach and I can see why it will fail - who
> is going to assign the system error codes? I am not willing to have to
> wait for someone to assign me that sort of numbers when I am hacking

my original idea was that the .c file name is contained in the error
message. This way, every developer can assign his own numbers, after all,
HE's the one getting the bug reports ;)

ncr5x3c875.c_0012: Keine SCSI Hosts gefunden.

>> Is it a big problem adding a kind of language definitions (and
>> perhaps a utility that interactively creates these files) AND an
>> unique(!) error number scheme to avoid miscromprehension for bug
>> reports? Something like
> Yes it is, as a kernel developer I want the most convenient way for me
> to develop the code.

OK, I'm not a kernel developer (not just yet :) but I would be perfectly
willing to help translating messages or whatever (I am already quite deep
into translation, see the German version of WWWOFFLE or misc KDE apps).

But I really think we should make Linux open for internationalization - Unix
is just about the only widely used operating system which has not been
available in completely localized versions, and Linux could, again, do some
pioneering in this direction, especially if Linus keeps rattling on about
"the challenge of the Desktop" (which I take completely seriously...).

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