Re: Linux/98?!?

Satoshi Nagayasu (
7 Dec 1998 11:20:08 +0900

Alan Cox wrote:
> Does this include kernel changes that ought to be merged into the main
> Linux tree ?

Yes, I think it should be merged in the near future, but I can't say
it will be better or not just now.
I'm not a Linux/98 project member. So I don't know the details.

According to the official information, the kernel version is 2.1.57,
and Linux/98 has some special utilities for NEC's PC-98 series.
Slackware3.4 is running with these special patches and utilities.

Linux/98 is developped in Kyoto University.
If you have interest in Linux/98, you can contact
or (but Japanese only).

NAGAYASU Satoshi <>

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