Re: Linux/98?!?

Peter Rasmussen (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 22:24:56 -0500

>> > Did I miss something? What is Linux/98 ?
>> "PC-98" is NEC's own and old architecture in Japan using Intel CPU.
>> Linux/98 is a Linux port to "PC-98" developped in Japan.
>Does this include kernel changes that ought to be merged into the main
>Linux tree ?
I'll dare pop in here and provide my opinion :-)

No, don't consider providing support for the the NEC98 (kyuu-hachi) in the
kernel, at least anymore than for PCs using Intel 8028. This is because even
though the [NEC]98 architecture used to have 50%+ market share in Japan, it
is tumbling and will soon be in the history books together with CP/M.

It was only produced by NEC since the PC (8088 based) came out, with a
modified video-subsystem to provide support for two-byte characters used in
Japan (the Chinese characters used in Japan aren't the same as used in China)
in text-mode. Since Dell and Compaq came in (1994?) with IBM's DOS/J it crashed
and is now only of academic interest.

In any case, Debian's version 2.0 has extensions for Japanese users so it is
already covered.

Just my two yen (roughly two Canadian cent :-)


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