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Franco Callari (FrancoC@GeometrixInc.com)
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 23:22:51 -0800


> All I'm asking for is a known definition for the derivation of
> leap year . There has has to be one somewhere .
> Otherwise how did 'cal' get its definition ?

Well, good interesting pieces on the "how" can be found at the
"Catholic Encyclopedia" site
and, in much deeper historical detail,

The relevant bit for the algorithm is the following (from the
first of the two articles):

Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced the reformed
system, or "New Style", ordained that ten days
in October, 1582, should not be counted, the
fourth of that month being immediately followed
by the fifteenth. He moreover determined that the
year should begin with 1 January, and in order to
prevent the Julian error from causing retardation
in the future as in the past, he ruled that three
leap years should be omitted in every four centuries,
viz. those of the centennial years the first two
figures of which are not exact multiples of four,
as 1700, 1800,1900, 2100, etc.



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