Re: Internationalizing Linux

david parsons (o.r.c@p.e.l.l.p.o.r.t.l.a.n.d.o.r.u.s)
6 Dec 1998 23:50:35 -0800

In article <>,
Tymm Twillman <> wrote:
>So now we require anyone who writes a device driver/module/etc to put a
>unique identifier for every string that they print out?

Why not? If it's keyed off the device driver name, everyone can
maintain their own pool of identifiers (like, say, FT001->FT999
for the mythical Promise FastTrak ["We don't support Linux" was
the huffy reply I got. That's okay, for I know what the Windows
driver interface looks like.] driver.) And then write their own
little identifier->message array.

>We have enough
>trouble with device numbering...

A deep voice intones "DEVFS"

david parsons \bi/ Personally, I'd like to see a lkm for internationalization
\/ of kernel messages, rather like the codepage stuff that's
been introduced in recent kernels.

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