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Nicholas J. Leon mumbled something about ...
> On Thu, 3 Dec 1998 wrote:
> # Seriously, this almost sounds like a virus has infected your boot block.
> Do you perchance work for Compaq support? They always claim "its a virus"
> if they don't really understand what is happening[1].

No, I don't (and, no, I'm not tech support in any case ;-)
A virus in the boot-block is always a possibility if you have multiple
O/S's on your machine. Just because it's often asked doesn't make it
I had completely forgotten about the old XT's booting into Basic if no
disk-bootable image could be found. However, being used to many other
old "personal-computers" and various "game-machines" I recalled them
dropping into Basic under the same circumstances. Why a more modern BIOS
would attempt to start a non-existance Basic is beyond me (perhaps
there's come copyright on the BIOS that requires this code/option).

> <vent>
> [1] My friend who had a Compaq called one day when his built-in cdrom
> drive stopped responding. Their answer "its a virus. Reinstal Windows". So
> he did (?) and it still didn't work. He called them and they said "its a
> virus, reinstall." "But I just installed. If there is a virus, it came
> from YOUR quick restore disk." "No, no virus there, but you DO have a
> virus. My paper in front of me says so."
> He took it back and bought a Gateway.
> This is one of my major problems with compaq. They apprently have "Its a
> virus" on the support help form. If they don't understand what the problem
> is they blame it on virii. I cant' wait until Y2k so that all the problems
> with Compaq machines can be blamed on THAT.

Didn't you know? Y2K *is* a virus !-)

> [ps: if there are any compaq support people reading: burn in hell and die]
> </vent>

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