sw_suspend v1 released [draft]

Gabor Kuti (ksx@sch.bme.hu)
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 13:11:32 +0100 (MET)

The first [draft] version of software suspend released.

It's against 2.1.125, full of FIXMEs, TODOs and XXXs.. only for i386
[yet]... but basically works.

What is does:
It makes possible to suspend a machine even without apm on any platform
that linux supports. It shrinks memory [drops unused buffers, inodes, etc
and swaps out as many pages as it can] then from the rest it makes a copy
in memory [so that its state changes we don't mind -- we have to save the
image]. Then it reboots. It resumes the following way: after initializing
kernel before execing init we check wheter we have a saved image [can be
disabled]. If so we load its pages and copy them to their original place,
then we reactivate current task, registers and it may continue its work.

What I need:
ppl interested about this feature, testing, poiniting for bugs, resolving
my notes [whether that solution works ok].

Upgrading to recent kernels should be here soon [I hope]. I just wanted to
make my first release and get finally feedbacks.

"One who has time to complain has time to submit patches." <chinese proverb>

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