Re: [PATCH] UP config option

Pavel Machek (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 14:15:38 +0100


> The first patch I sent (which I'm fortunate that noone seems to have read)
> seems to merely duplicate the behaviour of commenting out SMP=1 in the
> Makefile; and besides which, SMP=1 should be the default behaviour,
> whereas my patch did the opposite. So heres a patch to add a CONFIG_UP
> option to the i386 *config which shouldn't interfere with other
> architectures, and should default to defining SMP=1 when CONFIG_UP!=y in
> .config.
> In summary: this patch should actually work, unlike the last one I
> sent.

This does _not_ work, kernel will not be correctly rebuilt. Look at's patches to see this done the right way.


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