Re: Wanted: partitionable md devices

Mike Jagdis (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 13:13:31 +0000 (GMT/BST)

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Terry L Ridder wrote:

> Why not use the Informix Dynamic Server native to Linux?

(a) We have the SCO version.

(b) I didn't know the Linux version was available yet.

(c) It makes no difference to the problem which version is used.

> > I really want to set up the md device then partition it. One
> > alternative would be to partition the disks then put the partitions
> > into a whole slew of md devices - but, IMHO, fragmenting one simple
> > setup step into many setups is not a good idea if it can be sensibly
> > avoided.
> Sounds more like you want to create a logical volume and
> partion the logical volume. This sounds more like a volume
> manager than md.

In so far as disk partitioning could be considered a subset of
a more general logical volume scheme I suppose. It would make
me happy if a disk type block device behaved like a disk type
block device and let me slice it up into partitions. Logical
volume management is overkill :-).

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