Matrox Productive G100: anyone use MatroxFB?

Matthew Sayler (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 07:37:47 -0600

Has anyone been succeessul using a G100 and MatroxFB?

I have compiled support into the last couple of kernels (most recent
130) and for both I get a corrupted screen[1]. This is
an 8mb AGP card that works fine w/ XFCom_Matrox from XSuSE.
K6-2@350, MVP3, IDE, 3c905B, ...


[1] Very bizarre corruption, I thought. Kind of a quasi-text mode
with lots of repeats of 4 characters (qqqq ) but with some
overlayed banding static that changes around. Lots of blinking
and so on.

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