Re: 2.1.131 isn't quite it for me

Eloy A. Paris (
7 Dec 1998 13:37:31 GMT

Nicolai Langfeldt <> wrote:

> - Can't get PS/2 port to be recognized at all, as module or
> linked in the kernel. It worked under 2.1.130 which I used
> some hours last week, it also works under 2.0. Under 2.1.131
> this is the config:
> # CONFIG_MS_BUSMOUSE is not set
> # CONFIG_PC110_PAD is not set

PSMOUSE can't be compiled as a module anymore. This comes from the
fact that the PS/2 mouse driver got merged with the keyboard driver.
You should be able to compile it into the kernel (as opposed to as a


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