Re: mozilla+XFree86+Linux-2.1.x => HARD LOCKUP (addition)

Benoit Poulot-Cazajous (Benoit.Poulot-Cazajous@France.Sun.COM)
07 Dec 1998 17:12:29 +0100

Jamie Lokier wrote :
> On Sat, Dec 05, 1998 at 11:29:47PM -0500, Rafael Reilova wrote:
> > You don't happen to have a VIA chipset on your motherboard do you? There
> > is a hardware bug with the VIA that causes a total freeze up ocassionally
> > when doing DMA (esp. with sound). the AC kernels, since 2.1.129 (IIRC)
> > have a work around for that bug (you must enable PCI quirks). I was going
> > crazy with it too.
> Do you know if this affects disk activity too?
> I have a VIA and get lockups with DMA to my IDE disk, unless
> I do hdparm -X34 as well.

Same here with a VA-503+.
And write-caching (hdparm -W1) is incompatible with (U)DMA unless I also use
hdparm -X. Not really plug and play...

-- Benoit

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