Re: Sun Watchdog Reset

Pavel Machek (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 15:12:42 +0100


> Can anyone explain to me how the watchdog reset works on a sun running linux?
> I am getting them on a piece of non-sun hardware (Meiko dino1) that I'm
> trying to get working with linux. Basically I have made some changes to get
> past the custom boot and idprom and have it pretending it's a "sun4m" (which I
> think is more or less correct). We get part way through the boot-up sequence,
> to the point where the two CPU's are found, and then get bumped back into the
> monitor with "Watchdog Reset".
> Presumably this is a timer tied to a hardware reset line? If so, where do we
> feed the timer new values?
> Clue please? :-)

Watchdog reset is pretty common error on sun. It happens also for me
on original sun4. If you do equivalent of triple-fault of something
like that, it will just report "watchdog reset". Talk to any sparc
people directly to get details. (No, I'm not sparc person myself.)


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