Re: [Patch available] SCSI-Idle for 2.2.0

Pavel Machek (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 22:14:57 +0100


> > For 2.3.x, when stats per devices will be available, I might come up with a
> > smaller patch (namely, the idle time counting will be doable in user space,
> > hopefully). Then the only remaining thing in the kernel would be the spin up
> > code.
> Not exactly. Look at Pavel Machek's changes included in the latest bdflush
> release (V1.6, IIRC). This way, spin down/spin up can well be handled in
> user space, using SCSI_IOCTL_{START,STOP}_UNIT in either a seperate
> utility or maybe a patch to hdparm. The only thing really missing as of
> now is a facility reporting per-drive stats (or idle time
> alternatively).

I'd like per-drive statistics much more than idle-time. Per-drive
statistics are more usefull, and bdflush has to wakeup repeatedly so
reading statistics probably will not hurt that much.


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