Re: RMS at it again *sigh*

Marcin Dalecki (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 15:39:50 +0100

Alex Buell wrote:
> I just read an article by RMS in which he is thinking of changing
> libraries over from the LGPL to the GPL. This will have the unwanted
> side-effect of driving commercial interests away from further ports of
> proprietary software (potentially deny these ports' future conversion to
> open source)
> RMS's article is at
> That man is starting to worry me. If he forces certain critical libraries
> such as glibc into the GPL instead of the current LGPL, it spells deep
> trouble for all.

In case of vital system libraries we would just do what HJ Lu had
done before. Just get it from the hands of the fanatics (read the last
LGPL version) and don't care about them anylonger. Second I'm just
eagerly awaitig the day the egcs project stops to claim the need to
sign any paperwork to contribute...

And in fact there seems genearlly to be a trend to move away from the
those times now.


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