Re: Compaq Alpha watchlist.

John Fulmer (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 08:10:14 -0600 wrote:

> |set up internal Web sites. Third will be educational markets,
> |according to Berman.
> Be careful.
> Is it surprising to lead linux to a Alpha from x86,
> and soon someone will pull the plug on alpha chips.

And the problem is..??? 64-bit readiness for Linux programs is a
necessity with Ultrasparc and Merced, which are definatly going
anywhere. The normal Linux port of a program, seems to be "make".

Linux isn't being 'led' to Alpha's. It's just another supported
platform. They could pull the Alphas tomorrow. There would still be a
lot of people using them as Linux servers, and most Linux software would
still work as written. And development would continue on x86, Merced,
ARM, UltraSparc, etc....


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