Re: Problem with larger IDE drive

Shalon Wood (
25 Mar 1999 07:38:47 -0600 (Guest section DW) writes:

> 11.1 BIOS complications
> As just mentioned, large disks return the geometry C=16383, H=16, S=63
> independent of the actual size, while the actual size is returned in
> the value of LBAcapacity. Some BIOSes do not recognize this, and
> translate this 16383/16/63 into something with fewer cylinders and more
> heads, for example 1024/255/63 or 1027/255/63. So, the kernel must not only
> recognize the single geometry 16383/16/63, but also all BIOS-mangled
> versions of it. Since 2.2.2 this is done correctly
> (by taking the BIOS idea of H and S, and computing C = capacity/(H*S)).

I'll note that when I installed RH5.2 onto a 10.1G IBM disk, I had no
problem with partitioning and such. However, I had to add 'linear' to
lilo.conf to get it to actually boot. Otherwise, I got "LI".

Shalon Wood

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