Re: GNU/Linux stance by Richard Stallman

Albert D. Cahalan (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:59:01 -0500 (EST)

Matthew D. Pitts writes:

>> This is ridiculous!!! Gee, I'm going to use GNU find to pipe my
>> files of my GNU filesystem into GNU grep to locate, will is it my
>> file or GNU my file or my GNU file?
> Whoa, people. Don't start a flamewar on this list.

Heh, you too. Couldn't resist adding fuel, could you? Me neither. :-(

> RMS is technicnally correct in calling it GNU/Linux, for the simple
> reason that only the kernel proper is "Linux".

It is normal to refer to the kernel as "the Linux kernel".
Obviously that is the kernel of a Linux system.

> Almost everything else in a basic system is GNU
> software; libc5/glibc2, gcc/egcs, etc.

No, less than 10% of SuSE is GNU software. Most of the GNU software
isn't even anything special. It is just clones of the free BSD stuff.

Check out /bin/false sometime. It is almost 100% bloat.

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