SMBFS: Copious "smb_receive_trans2" debugging output

Bryce McKinlay (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 18:00:40 +1200

Today I noticed that playing MP3 audio files from a windoze network
share via smbfs was resulting in lots of extra activity on my HDD.
Further investigation reported that thousands of the following messages
were being dumped into /var/log/messages:

Mar 28 16:49:40 mowgli kernel: smb_receive_trans2: copied, parm=4079 of
4079, data=220 of 4079

Taking a look at the source in linux/fs/smbfs, it appears that this is
coming from a printk statement enclosed in an ifdef:

printk("smb_receive_trans2: copying data, old size=%d, new size=%u\n",
server->packet_size, buf_len);

and, of course, SMBFS_PARANOIA is defined at the top of the file.

Even simple things like ls on an smb directory can sometimes produce
dozens of these messages repeated. Shouldn't this particular line of
code be in an #ifdef SMBFS_DEBUG_VERBOSE instead? Is there a good reason
why SMBFS_PARANOIA should be defined at all?


[ bryce ]

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