Linux-2.2.5 - and a vacation

Linus Torvalds (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 11:06:19 -0800 (PST)

I made Linux-2.2.5 yesterday (as some people already have noticed: due to
popular demand I try to delay the announcement for some time in order to
let the thing percolate to mirror sites, in case anybody wondered).

The 2.2.5 release is meant to be a final cleanup release before I leave
for a two-week vacation. So please take these release notes to also mean
that it is probably a good idea to hold off emailing me stuff directly,
unless it is a major bug that you really think I should look at
immediately. I would suggest people discuss problems on the mailing list
and on the newsgroups, where other competent people are, rather than
expecting me to do much about it.

Also, note that there have been various indications that egcs potentially
miscompiles the kernel, or at least makes some problems worse. We don't
know whether that is due to one or more kernel bugs, compiler problems, or
just combinations of "features" in both. I would suggest that if you have
problems you at least verify whether the problems still exist with

That said, I bet that both the kernel people and the egcs people would be
really happy the more people look into this - if somebody feels motivated
enough and sees problems with egcs, it would be extremely powerful to try
to pinpoint the particular file that seems to bring on the problems. I'm
afraid it needs a known failure mode and lots of legwork to find out what
triggers it, though.

Anyway, 2.2.5 does:
- compiles with accounting.
- add support for Microgate SyncLink and Synchronous HDLC
- stallion driver update
- alpha EV6 and SMP fix for bootup with newer compilers
- ptrace fix for sparc/i386
- small sparc updates
- floppy driver could oops at bootup under certain setups
- random driver updates (bw-qcam, sound driver error codes, etc oneliners)
- FIOASYNC ioctl fix
- network locking fixes
- SMP "struct user" and signal sending fixes

Have fun, because I will,


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