Re: Linux 2.2.x corrupting ext2 partitions (seagate medlist hdd)

Cameron Schaus (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 02:55:51 -0700 (MST)

> Note that it _only_ happens on the _2nd_ boot after upgrading to Linux 2.2.x
> and that machine was correctly shutdown at every stage.

I have noticed strange things happening here as well. Note, I am also
running debian's slink and I upgraded my kernel from 2.0.36 to 2.2.2.
On the second reboot after I installed my 2.2.2 kernel my root
filesystem was checked, even though the machine was shutdown properly.
It was not checked because it was dirty either.

I was scared, and I thought I was going to lose my filesystem, but
everything seemed to work out all right. fsck did repair lots of

Now everything seems to be working ok. Very strange.


Cam Schaus

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