Subject: Re: ext3 to include capabilities?

G. Sumner Hayes (
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 13:02:17 -0500

Albert Cahalan <> wrote:
> Better way:
> 1. Put capabilities information in the executable header.
> 2. Mark the executable setuid root.
> 3. Have the kernel check for #1 if #2, and prefer #1 if present.

Of course, you've completely busted up security. On my machine
there's a crypto-daemon that wants to mlock() some RAM. I have a little
setuid wrapper to give it mlock capability on 2.2.x, but I'm not about
to let it run with full root privs -- under 2.0.x (or whenever it can't
mlock()), it prints a detailed warning and lets the user decide whether
the risk is worth the convenience of not typing passwords constantly.
The whole point of capabilities is that you only trust a daemon with
some small set of powers -- promoting it to full root privs is downright

Requiring a setuid wrapper as I have now is pretty bogus.

Also, explain how I do each of the following in your scheme:
1. Make an executable that runs with UID 0 but no capabilities.
2. Make an executable that runs with exec'rs UID and capabilities.
3. Make an executable that runs with UID 0 and capabilities.

with real capabilities in the fs:
1. owner 0, setuid, no capabilities are set
2. owner anyone, no setuid, capabilities are set
3. owner 0, setuid, capabilities are set.


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