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Alex Buell (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 00:46:21 +0100 (GMT)

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

> I gather you didn't put me in your killfile, even though you said you
> had, so you may wish to note that the sort of vulgarity you used
> therein is NEVER warranted...

I did? You must have caught me at a bad time. Apologies offered. I'm
feeling slightly better now that I've had some green stuff.. =)

> As per my previous emails, I do NOT believe that ANYTHING should ONLY
> be available in .rpm or .deb or ANY other form of packager, nor have I
> ever claimed otherwise, so I have no dispute with you over that point.

OK. Agreed.

> Also as per my previous posts on the subject, I see NO reason to
> package SOURCES in anything other than tarballs. However, as per my
> previous posts on the subject, I see NOTHING WRONG in using packaging
> systems such as .rpm or .deb for BINARY distribution of software,
> PROVIDING it is also available in tarballs.

Agreed =)

> I use .tar.bz2 files myself, and some prefer .tar.Z files for various
> reasons, so I refuse to believe your claim that only .tar.gz files can
> be counted as tarballs...

I had forgotten about bzip2 files. The tools required for those are small
and most definitely worth it for the extra compression, so that is a plus
in their favour. RPMs on the other hand... =)

> I understand your comments above, and as per my previous posts, and my
> comments above, I'm in full agreement with most of them...

Brilliant. We are friends now, I take it?


"Bullshit. It's a cesspool, and has been for a long time. RMS chucked
another turd in our midst and his sheep drop their daks and follow suit."
- Richard Gooch.

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