Re: vremap and memcpy_to_fs in 2.2.x?

Jamie Lokier (
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 02:24:53 +0200

Alan Cox wrote:
> The frame buffer is driven directly by a physical address. The alternative
> addresses come from the mmap buffer which is a kernel object mapped user
> [words apparently gone missing...]

Do you mean that the user space code always passes the framebuffer's bus
address directly to bttv, and not the user-space mapped address?

And that the option to pass a user space address to VIDIOCSFBUF and have
it translated, while making wild assumptions about the object mapped
into user space that by the right 1000000-1 piece of luck happen not to
trample random pages, is never used?

Or do you mean it is used but there's always a framebuffer there, as
luck would have it.

-- Jamie

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