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Hey, I love Sun/Solaris, but there's NO reason that Linux shouldn't be able to
do this, and better.


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I am resending this - I may have sent this to an incorrect address...

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I just left Sun Microsystems where I was the architect for
the Sun calendar server. I spend several months working on
those kinds of issues.

Solaris 2.6 and above can handle 100,000 connections if the
server has plenty of memory and is properly configured.

The test was done by having clients connect, the server
simply echoed any characters back the same connection while
at the same time the server accepted new connections.
When we hit 100,000 simultaneous connections we stopped testing.

Often the application running has more of an effect on the
system performance than a Solaris file descriptor limitation.

Do not try this on Solaris versions pre-2.6. It will seem to
work, however you might trash the OS memory if the application
is running as root as pre-2.6 versions assumed that 1024 was
a hard limit. It can work, it often does not on pre-2.6.

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