Patch to fix compile fail on 2.2.13 with fdomain when DO_DETECT set to true

Anthony Barbachan (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 03:09:22 -0400

Sorry, I forgot to mention the relevent kernel versions. This patch is
needed on at least 2.2.12 and 2.2.13.

Here is a patch to fix a compile problem in 2.2.13 for inclusion in the
next kernel release.

This patch fixes a compile problem when compiling the fdomain driver
with the DO_DETECT feature turned on. Without this patch the compile fails
because two local variables weren't declared. While the DO_DETECT feature
isn't turned on by default, at least my setup needs it as probably many
others do as without this turned on only 3 of 4 or 3 of 5 SCSI drives are
detected by the driver.

begin 666 fdomain-do-detect-fix.patch
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I/2 @(" @("![($E.455)4EDL(# L(# L(# L(&)U9FQE;BP@,"!].PH`

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