Re: 2.3.32-pre4/SMP still doesn't boot on Compaq Proliant 1600

Linus Torvalds (
14 Dec 1999 01:10:40 -0800

In article <>,
Tigran Aivazian <tigran@sco.COM> wrote:
>I tracked it down to the hang getkey forked from rc.sysinit (RHL 6.1).

It's the pgd_cache changes - they and the 64-bit locking code have some
problems. I'll make a real 2.3.32 in a moment, that should have it
fixed.. (broken parts reverted)

Anyway, as a heads-up: 2.3.32 has the new block device queueing code,
courtesy of Eric Youngdale (and huge thanks to Alan Cox for walking it
over and making sure it works and is clean). Expect some drivers to be
broken, but it looks good in early tests..


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