Kernel Ethernet Error Message.

From: Adrian Chung (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 01:29:14 EST

Hi everyone, I saw the following in my log tonight, and I'm wondering what
it means.

Jan 8 00:44:43 gold kernel: eth1: timeout waiting for Tx RDC.
Jan 8 00:44:48 gold last message repeated 5 times

The computer is set up as a router, running tipxd (routes IPX between two
LAN's across the internet) and is a P100/16MB RAM with two ISA Novell NE2000
compatible NIC's.

Is it possible that this message is caused or can be fixed by replacing the
two ISA NIC's with PCI ones?

Or could it also be a problem with the tipxd software...

Basically I'm looking to route IPX between to LAN's across the internet in
order to play games that only run IPX. I'm not sure what other tools are
out there, or where to look for info!

Thanks in advance.

Adrian Chung -

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