5 Minutes for Linux, 3+ days for Windows, Linux Wins!

From: Jason Alan Smith (bsmith1@kscable.com)
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 03:01:01 EST

Just had to congratulate Linux on a wonderful job. I have just spent so far
3+ days trying to configure two computers as a peer-to-peer network using
10-base2 NE2000 cards and cable under Windows and it still will not see each
other. So I thought I would try it under Linux (which was the main end goal
anyway) and in less that 5 minutes I had two computers each with Redhat 6.0
seeing each other and even played around in X popping up windows on each of
the screens. Pure joy after pulling my hair out for the last several days.
It is funny. Searching all sorts of so called documentation on the net
proves futile for Windows but only looking at a few config files on the two
boxes and it was up and running. And I thought Windows was supposed to be
the easy os :)! Well let me stop here before I go into a rant against
Microsoft and just finish with much appreciation of the Linux folks. Thanks
and keep up the excellent work!

Jason Alan Smith

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