RE: Sendmail virtual users

From: Eduardo Röhr (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 07:06:18 EST

I've had the same you are mentioning. People with NTMail, who wanted out of

They wanted stable solution, highly configurable.

I found that Q Mail and sendmail, both have a lot of solutions for Virtual
domain Mail. (I didn't search info for the others MTAs)

I finally got a Red Hat 6.1 with sendmail. What did I make??

Red Hat (With the linuxconf tool) installs a new Mail delivery Agent called
Vdeliver and a new Pop Server caller Vpop3d. So, they look for information


and so on....

You need one Ip for each Domain and the whole works fine with 5 Domains and
a lillte more than 1000 users.

Yeap, linuxconf is a nice tool you can control relay, spamming, become mail
for another server,but (there's always a but), you need to modify some
settings from the /etc/ for your own and for sure modify the
sources of vdeliver and vpop3d and compile again.

I hope you can understand my movie-learned english :)


> i used to use NTMAIL for NT. The nice feature about it was, that I had
> virtual domain support, so I could have the same usernames for every
> Now I would like to change to a linux based mail system and don't want to
> give all my customers new mail accounts.
> it used to be
> had a mailserver and user info
> had a mailserver and user info
> had a mailserver and user info
> that was very need...
> is there some way to accomplish that with sendmail, or would you advise me
> to use qmail or something.
> tahnks for your answer
> grischa

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