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From: Hartwig Felger (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 12:28:28 EST

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Salut Peter,
On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, Peter Nilsson wrote:
> I have tried to configure one Linux machine as a Novell server with mars_nwe. I have contact with my real Novell server. It finds it when Im using the slist command. But then Im starting the Novell server on the Linux machine with the command nwserv in the etc-directory i recieve this message:
> ! 01.08,15:44:10 NWS 0 0:PANIC !!01.08,15:44:10 NWS 0
> 0:EMUTLI:init_ipx socket 0x451:Address already in use
> Does anybody know what this means? What can I do about it?
As you sayed, your ipx is working before you start nwserver. So you must
prevent Mars, from creating new ipx-bindings. So change your nw.ini:
        4 0x0 * AUTO 1
The previous line has to be the only uncommented 4-section-line in this
file, for you.

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