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From: Jim Gleason (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 07:49:24 EST

Grischa Schuering wrote:

> Thanks for your answer. But if I undestood the infos given here right,
> sendmail only offers you virtual email aliases but not different virtual
> domain mail servers with same user accounts for each domain.
> You have to create accounts like
> info-domain1 ->
> info-domain2 ->
> The application on Windows NT I know can handle virtual domain email servers
> like this:
> info ->, on virtual mail server
> info ->, on virtual mail server
> both users are on the same machine but on different ip's.
> actually i need a way to set up virtual user accounts just for mail, that
> don't need a login on the machine they are running. and since the unix
> automatically adds a email accont for every user that is entered into the
> system, it might be a hard thing to accomplish.
> maybe some knows a solution,
> regards,
> g.

Linux and Sendmail do allow users of the same name to be created as long as
they are associated with different domains as indicated. For instance, I host
well over 20 domains on one machine using seperate IP addresses (IP aliasing)
and each of these domains has an admin account. There really is no problem at
all. As far as setting up such a configuration, you need to specify a vpop to
handle the virtual domains and a regular pop to handle the primary domain.
Something like the following would need to be in your inet.conf file:

pop-3 stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd
/usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/vpop3d /usr/sbin/ipop3d

And then in the directory /etc/vmail you would have files to control each
virtual domain. For instance, I have the following files for the domain
        FORMAT: same as /etc/passwd (NOTE: shell I use (linuxconf uses) is
        FORMAT: same as /etc/shadow
        FORMAT: same as /etc/aliases

For ease of setup, I currently use a utility that comes with RedHat called
"linuxconf". It was very instrumental in getting me started in this area.
However, I (and my people) are looking at using other things now so we can do
more than it allows. This does not mean it is not good; only that it is
limited in scope. However, it is expanding and growing daily.

Jim Gleason
Site2Site Networking

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