[Fwd: Sendmail/pop3 configuration]

From: Scott Graves (sgraves66@home.com)
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 01:46:27 EST

root wrote:

> How can I use sendmail to forward email to my ISP's SMTP server? I have
> a cable modem connection with one static IP... I use squid proxy for WWW
> and FTP access on an internal LAN... Since squid is not capable of
> proxying email, I need to know how to setup SMTP and POP3 on the proxy
> server ...
> I am trying to alleviate the strain of registering a domain name just to
> have a local mail server for 3 users... I'd prefer to still use my ISP's
> mail servers...
> Any links to documentation would be a great help.
> Thanks,
> Scott

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