Re: AW: Sendmail virtual users

From: Dominik Kubla (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 08:54:49 EST

On Sun, Jan 09, 2000 at 05:49:24AM -0700, Jim Gleason wrote:
> Linux and Sendmail do allow users of the same name to be created as long
> as they are associated with different domains as indicated. For instance,
> I host well over 20 domains on one machine using seperate IP addresses
> (IP aliasing) and each of these domains has an admin account. There
> really is no problem at all. As far as setting up such a configuration,
> you need to specify a vpop to handle the virtual domains and a regular
> pop to handle the primary domain. Something like the following would need
> to be in your inet.conf file:

Nice setup. FWIW you can do without IP aliases. I am hosting some
50 email domains only using virtusertable/genericstable. All users
get a UniqueID and then lastname@domain is aliases to that using
virtusertable/genericstable over NIS (works, but that will migrate to LDAP
soon). The mail domains are just MXed to the mailserver. As for hiding the
UniqueID from the users, i am currently investigation the use of PAM
allowing them to login as lastname@domain. That's a simple table lookup and
much cleaner IMHO than using IP alias and PAM support is available for many
POP/IMAP daemons.

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