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Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 23:32:31 EST

On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 10:30:55AM +1100, Kendall Lister wrote:

Hi Kendall,

> > I am trying to setup a small lan with 8 machines connected to my
> > Redhat 6.0
> > How/Where do I see Lan activities and errors my /var/log/messages does
> > not give me any errors
> Have you actually had any network errors?

I run qmail and that requres that I have a working DNS.
My DNS is sometimes not resolving when I try to log in via LAN.

for my Dialup users I had the same problem
To settle that I have put "ndc reload" in /etc/ppp/ppp-on.local
and that settled the problem.

I was looing for something like that in the LAN also,
to make sure that the DNS was working and up.

> Normally device errors (and
> other problems noticed by the kernel) will appear in your syslogd output -
> however you should check /etc/syslogd.conf to make sure that you are
> logging everything that you want to log. We remove /var/log/messages freom
> our systems and send *.* to /var/log/complete.log - this can get large,
> though.

Thanks I shall try that for a few days.
> Each service manager will generally log its activity; for example, Samba
> will produce its own log, as will Squid, Apache, Sendmail, et cetera. Some
> of these log files end up in /var/log, but you can find others in the
> applications' directories, e.g. /usr/squid/log or /usr/local/apache/log,
> depending on how you installed them (or how RedHat installed them).

This is what I am looking for.
What do I put in /etc/syslogd.conf
I would like to know who and how many times
I have been accessed from the various machines.
I normally get my httpd logs in /var/log/httpd/....
> The short answer is always, of course: if you haven't had any errors, be
> happy - don't go looking for more... :)
                        :) :) :)

Thank you for your help

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