problems with NIS

From: Imran Patel (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 01:40:56 EST

I am building a Beowulf cluster at my college. For this i tried to
configure the NIS services so that all the information about the users
on the console-less computing nodes were centrally maintained. I am
using Red Hat 6.1 dist and latest versions of ypbind, ypserv and
    Now the problem is that although the NIS server (ypserv) and NIS
client (ypbind) are configured fairly correctly for the files such as
/etc/network, /etc/protocols, /etc/mail.aliases, /etc/hosts, the
important files /etc/passwd and /etc/group are not being correctly
accessed by the client.
    All the *.db maps are created when i configure the services
(including that of passwd and group). But when running the command:
    ypcat passwd OR
    ypcat group
i get an error such as:
No such map as passwd.byname.db(OR group.byname.db)
(something, something) RPC time out: Internal NIS error

However the ypcat command works fine for the other files mentioned
Moreover, when the server boots, i get messages like
yp_???( ),cl???( ) RPC connection refused. errno=success
and i can't log in as a NIS shared user.
Can somebody help me out of it?
As a matter of fact, pasting the /etc/passwd to all the m/c seems to
works right now, but it's not that elegant;-)
(i mount the home directories on clients via NFS)

Secondly, I don't use shadow passwords over NIS because some people say
it does not utilize the shadow facility to its full potential. Why it is

so ?

Thirdly, Red Hat uses PAM as default. Can the above problems be due to
conflicts between PAM and NIS? (I have read this thing somewhere and
there is a solution of some editing in the files in /etc/pam.d/ which
itself is buggy)

Thanx in advance

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