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From: Agim Cami (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 04:32:26 EST

Hello Grisha,

I think that you can do virtual hosting, as per your requests, on sendmail
So, you have to:

1. Setup correctly the DNS for a new domain putting a MX record into the
zone file as bellow. For more details refer to IN MX 10

2. Create a sendmail configuration file, for example, on
/usr/src/sendmail/cf/cf directory enabling these features:

        FEATURE(`virusertable', `hash /etc/virtusers')dnl

4. Create the file :

        m4 > /etc/

3. Create the /etc/virtusers file, putting on it :

        when user is a normal user on your mail server

4. Do :

        makemap hash /etc/virtusers < virtusers

5. Create the /etc/ file, which must have:

6. On the /etc/mail/relay-domains file, put enter square brackets ip
addresses of your host (including dynamically assigned ip addresses for
dial-up connections)

7. Restart sendmail and dns

That's all.

Please tell me if this resolve your problem.

Good luck,



At 08:37 PM 1/8/00 +0100, Grischa Schuering wrote:
>Thanks for your answer. But if I undestood the infos given here right,
>sendmail only offers you virtual email aliases but not different virtual
>domain mail servers with same user accounts for each domain.
>You have to create accounts like
>info-domain1 ->
>info-domain2 ->
>The application on Windows NT I know can handle virtual domain email servers
>like this:
>info ->, on virtual mail server
>info ->, on virtual mail server
>both users are on the same machine but on different ip's.
>actually i need a way to set up virtual user accounts just for mail, that
>don't need a login on the machine they are running. and since the unix
>automatically adds a email accont for every user that is entered into the
>system, it might be a hard thing to accomplish.
>maybe some knows a solution,
>Von: Agim Cami
>An: Grischa Schuering;
>Gesendet: 08.01.00 10:04
>Betreff: Re: Sendmail virtual users
>Yes you can and is very easy.
>You have to proceeded through this HOW-To-Document
>Agim Cami
>>is it possible that you have a user name, e.g. info, and the email
>> that you have another user name that is info, for
>>domain for email access.
>>My question is, can I have virtual domains and virtual email domain
>>accounts with sendmail ?
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