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From: George Laiacona III (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 10:09:36 EST

>Which version of Sendmail are you using? It should not be forwarding mail
>with a fake domain.
> Kendall Lister, Systems Operator for Charon I.S. -
 How about verifiable doamins? As far as I understood, the latest Sendmail
should refuse any relaying, yet through conducting a test on a Red Hat 6
server, I can send a note through that server from another domain. The user
is valid, but we didn't "log on" to the server, just sent SMTP mail through
it. How does it know if the user was valid then?
I'd like to understand this more. I can end up being a very sensitive issue.
I have the "Bat Book", but it is a bit difficult to read and follow.

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